Tombstone Tuesday: Magdalena and Eugene ECK

Today's Tombstone Tuesday post in the tombstone of my great grandparents, Magdalena HAEFNER and Eugene J ECK.

Magdalena was born 7 Oct 1893 in Williamsport, Lycoming county, Pennsylvania to Frank A HAEFNER and Eva Catherine BLITZ. She died 2 Jan 1975 in Williamsport.

Eugene was born 23 Mar 1893 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to John Jeremiah ECK and Theresa BANK. He died 2 Jan 1975 in Williamsport.

Notice how they died on the same day? They actually died 8 hours apart.

Magdalena was in the hospital. One of the children went to their house to pick up Eugene to visit her. (I forget which child it was from my dad's story of the events.) He or she found Eugene at the bottom of the stairs. He had had a heart attack and died. He was pronounced dead at Divine Providence Hospital at 10:30 AM. According to my dad, Magdalena decided that she didn't want to live after hearing the news. Although she may have recovered from her illness that sent her to the hospital, she died that evening, at 6:30 PM from congestive heart failure. According to their obituary, she had been in the hospital since November 17 (which makes me think that the illness was more serious than my dad thought. I have a copy of their death certificates and it is interesting to see that Magdalena is listed as a widow, even if it was only for a few hours.

Magdalena H and Eugene J Eck gravestone, Saint Boniface Cemetery, Williamsport (Lycoming), Pennsylvania, photo taken by DKE, 2009.

Copyright Tina Lyons, 2009