Probate records of John and Ursula Bank

In my last post, I discussed finally finding the family of Theresa Bank. I mentioned that I had ordered the probate records for John and Urusula Bank (Theresa's parents). I received them within a weeks time of ordering them from the Montour County, Pennsylvania courthouse.

In the probate of John Bank, it states that he died Wednesday, 24 Jan 1894 in Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania. His will was written 15 Apr 1893. In his will, he gives all of his possessions and real estate to his wife Ursula. Upon her death, everything is to be divided equally among his 7 children and their heirs: Mary, Clarissa, Annie, Catharine, Margaret, Elizabeth and Emma. None of their married names is given, except the will states that Emma is deceased and that her share should go to her children, Charles and Clara Helcher. Emma's married surname is the only one that is given among the 7 sisiters. Good thing I had those newspaper articles to help me along.

I searched for Emma, Charles and Clara in the censuses, but I have yet to find them.

Ursula's probate states that she died on Friday, 22 Dec 1905. Her probate was filed on 18 Jan 1906.

John Bank names his son-in-law, John J Eck as executor of his estate. The documents give me both John Bank and John J Eck's signatures.

Once again Theresa is named as Clarissa as in the 1860 census. Further research needs to be undertaken to find out which is her real name. My guess is that Clarissa was her given name, but she chose to go by her middle name Theresa. I'll have to search for a baptismal record or marriage record to verify my hypothosis.