Suckling Death Certificates

Today I received the death certificates of John Elvey Suckling and his wife Caroline Rice from England.

John died from senile decay on 28 Dec 1904 in Yorkshire, England. His death certificate is below. He had moved in with his son Frederick after Caroline died.
Caroline died from chronic broncitis and heart failure on 07 May 1902 in Terrington St Clement, Norfolk, England. The witness to her death was William Carter who was the husband of her daughter Julia Eliza.

I guess I finally found a crazy person in the family.

Finding More Ancestors

On Monday, I decided to see what I could find out about Berks County, Pennsylvania. I found their USGenWeb page and that led me to a site with baptism, marriage and burial transcriptions of St Paul's Mission Church of the Most Blessed Sacrament. The records cover 1741-1819. I found a lot of people with the surnames Eck/Egg, Schnabel, Riffel and Bauer. Those are the surnames of people who were said to be ancestors from the Eck book. I still don't know if these people are really related to me because I keep finding many errors in the book and it does not contain its sources. Still it does give me a place to start. I added a lot of siblings of ancestors and also found the parents of Rosina Schnabel (Andrew and Mary Eva). I wish I could find more information like this on the internet.

Social Security Applications

Yesterday I received copies of the Social Security applications of Angela Catharine Couche-Eiswerth and Dewey Francis Bascom.

Catharine's application names her father as Lawerence Couche and her mother as Pauline Albreght. It says she was born in East Palestine, Ohio and was working at St. John's Catholic Church in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania when she applied for her social security number in 1956.

Dewey Bascom says his parents were Willard Theodora Bascom and Susie Jane Sanders. He was born in Dillsboro, Indiana and was working for Trans American Freight Lines in Cincinnati, Ohio when he applied for his social security number in 1936.

Although the death certificates of Dewey's parents gave me their full names, this application does give me his birth place. Catharine's application gives me her father's name and mother's maiden name that I did not have before and it tells me her birth place. I still have not found them on the 1900 or 1910 censuses but I will keep looking.

I know have all the first names and maiden names for 5 generations of my family tree. That was my first goal for working on this project. I still need to find birth and death dates for everyone and continue to move every family out of the United States.