Busy time and classes

I've been so busy lately and combined with some laziness I haven't gotten much done lately in the world of genealogy. I have lots of emails to get to from my new found cousin in England. I also have piles of stuff on my desk and lots of bookmarks that I need to go through. I need to take the time to add all the information that I have found lately into Family Tree Maker and get it all put away. I really would like to see my desk again. It doesn't help that school has started up and I have been subbing a lot lately. I also haven't gotten myself caught up from being away on vacation.

One thing that I have been doing lately is taking online courses from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies with the University of Toronto. I am really excited to learn more ways to find my ancestors. I signed up initially with the basic course package for the American certification. I am really enjoying the two courses that I am taking right now (Methodology 1 and US Census Records). I think I will do all the classes for the American certification and then move on to English or Canadian certification. Depends on where I am in my research when I finish the US classes. It will be a while before I have to decide.

I am also excited that I will be going to the Military Symposium at ACPL next weekend. Hopefully I will learn how to find some military records of my family. I really need to find out if Robert/Bruce Bascom who was a musician in the civil war is my Robert Bruce Bascom. I think it is him, but I don't want to order all the records and find out that I have the wrong guy.