Whitmore and Servos Families

I have been meaning to blog about this for two weeks now. After I had a chance to look at the 1891 census and find the ROGERS family, I have made some great discoveries. As I said in my last post, I found that George Rogers' parents were John S Rogers and Sophia Whitmore. I found Sophia living next door to John in 1851 with their parents. If I had only looked down the page a little, I may have made the connection. I also found that John and Sophia's daughter Mary Louisa was living with a William Kirby in 1901 and listed as his niece. That was where I was before I went to ACPL again.

At the library, I came across a few books by Douglas A Robbins that listed vital information (birth, marriage, and death) from early Niagara. I checked out the books for all of my surnames in the Niagara region (Stull, Rogers, and Whitmore). The book is only an index and gives sources of where the information was extracted. One of the resources was "The Niagara Mail". When I got home, I googled the newspaper to see if I could find any of it online. Unfortunately I did not find it available online, only on microfilm at the Ontario archives. But what I did find was a wikipedia page to William Kirby, editor of the paper. Kirby also wrote a few books, including "The Golden Dog". Finally I had found a "famous" relative. Kirby had married the aunt of Sophia.

I did some more googling about William Kirby. I found that his wife was not only the daughter of John Whitmore (who I later found was Daniel Whitmore's father and Sophia's grandfather), but she was also the granddaughter of Canadian loyalists (the people who had fought for Britain in the American Revolution). I found a story about the WHITMORE family. It seems that John Whitmore was born in Pennsylvania and his family was massacred by Indians on Easter morning of 1780. His parents and two siblings were killed. Two brothers, two sisters and he were taken by different Indians and lived with them for different lengths of time. John was raised by an Indian woman until he was randsomed by Daniel Servos. John went to live with Daniel and later married Daniel's daughter. I found that William Kirby had written two short essays on the Whitmore and Servos families. These stories gave me even more details about the families and their lives. I hope to find more about this family and read some of the books that were written about Mary and Sarah Whitmore.

I am amazed by what I was able to find just by searching for the siblings of my ancestors. If I hadn't looked for where Mary Louisa was living, I may never have made the connection to William Kirby and the Whitmores and Servos.


Anonymous said...

Hi: I am doing some research on Mary Whitmore, sister of John Whitmore. You mentioned that William Kirby wrote an essay on the Whitmore family - would you be able to tell me where I might find a copy to read. You can email me at carol.goddard@sympatico.ca Thank you. Carolg.

Anonymous said...

Go to Heritage Quest, you will find a book there written by William Kirby about the family you are asking about

sandy said...

There is a book about Mary Whitmore called The Medicine Maid. It was written by her granddaughter.