Suckling Cousin

I was excited on Thursday night to receive a message that someone had posted a comment on this blog. I was even more excited to know that it wasn't Dad. It seems that I may have found my first cousin since beginning my genealogy search in the spring. Neil says that he is the great great grandson of John Elvey Suckling and Caroline Rice. He also says that one of them (I'm not sure which) is related to Lord Nelson, an officer in the Napoleonic wars. I am so excited to find what else he can add to my family history. Unfortunately, he only left his phone number and it is too expensive for me to call England from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hopefully he will see this post and leave me his email instead. I can't wait.


neilsy said...

Hi Tina,my e-mail is NEILSY@AOL.COM,i cant wait to chat.Bye for now.Neil