Bascom death certificates

Last week I ordered death certificates for grandma's grandparents Willard T and Susan Bascom. Of course after I ordered them I found them online for free. Oh well. The Mormons are currently working on indexing and scanning a lot of their records and they had done the Ohio death certificates for 1908 to 1953. I have been working on making time lines of all of my ancestors and their children. I realized that I did not have the 1930 census of grandma's uncle George. When I searched I easily found him in Hamilton, Ohio. And he was living with his father Willard who was widowed. I thought Willard was dead because I had not found him in the census. Since I found him, I searched the Ohio death certificate index and found his death in 1934.
The certificate includes the name of his parents Robert Bascom and Olive Bovard (who I believed were his parents but hadn't proven). He was buried in Little Field, Indiana. I can't read what he died of (bad handwriting). It looks like meningitis and something else.
Susan is recorded as Susie Bascom and her parents were George Sanders and Jane Dunning. This finally gives me her maiden name (although I had found some other trees that had Sanders as her maiden name). She died from shock after extensive burns over her body (just like grandma said). She was buried in Enterprise, Indiana.

I was also able to find Grandma's brother's death certificate. Her mother's obituary said that his name was George, but his death certificate says Robert. Maybe one is the legal name and one was what he was called.
He died in 1930 from strep throat (also what grandma said). He was buried in Rising Sun, Indiana.

These death certificates give me a wealth of information and I now need to check the census records and find these families and more about them.