William Watson SUCKLING birth

I ordered a birth certificate for William Watson SUCKLING at the beginning of April. He is Grandpa's grandfather who was born in England on April 28, 1860. I found a record of his birth in the England and Wales Birth Index online. It only told his name and quarter of birth in the index. I wanted to see if the information that I had from the Suckling family bible was correct and also to see if I could really get a record from England. It worked great and all the information on the certificate matched what was in the bible, including birth date and parents names.
My next step is to order the marriage certificate of William Watson's parents John Elvey Suckling and Caroline Rice. I believe that I have found them in the index because I found a record for each of them that is Norfolk, England and on the same page. The index is very limited and doesn't give the name who a person married, only the name of the bride or groom, the quarter of the marriage and location. I hope that this record will have the names of their parents so that I can continue my search out to another generation.