The Dincher Family

So I looked at what Dolly had sent me from Helen and I started searching the census for the Dincher family. Helen had the name of Mary Dincher Eiswerth's parents: Michael F and Mary Schilling. I easily found them on the 1880 census living in Limestone Township. Their daughter Mary was not living with them because she was already married to Lewis at that time. Actually she is listed further down the same census page along with two other Michael Dinchers.This census also shows that Frank had lung fever (aka pneumonia) at the time of the census.

Then it came time to be a little more creative in searching. I searched for any Michael born within 2 years of 1825 (his actual birth year according to Helen's research) in the 1870 census. I didn't find anyone in Lycoming county that matched the family, so I searched Limestone township and found "Micheal Dinger." Still no Mary though. (She would have been 20 years old and not married yet -- something for me to search for later.)
You can also see that their estate was worth $1000 and their personal property was $500.

Next came the 1860 census. I found the family listed under "Dencher" this time. Mary was a 10 year old child and living with her family.

I then searched for the 1850 census and found them under "Dinger" again. Michael and Mary were living in Limestone Township with a one month old daughter Mary.

Michael died in 1897. With no 1890 census available, I searched the 1900 census and found Mary Dincher living with her son Frank's family and son Peter and listed as a widow. Lewis and Mary Eiswerth are listed on the previous page.
The 1900 census also shows the birth months of Frank, Mary and Peter. It tells us that Mary was the mother of 9 children of which 6 are still living. The 9 children are Mary, Margaret, John, Elisabeth, Magdalene, Catherine, Barbara, Franklin, and Peter.


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow there is a Schilling in our Eiswerth family tree. Wonder if I'm related to the Chief Engineer at the plant, Jan Schilling, who is from PA and graduated from U of Pittsburgh. Would be funny to call him "CUZ".