Allen County Library

I am very lucky to live so close to a wonderful genealogy library. The Allen County Public Library (the county Fort Wayne is located) has lots of resources at their main library. They just renovated it and reopened it last year. Mike and I hadn't been down there to see what it was like yet, but this family tree project gave me a reason to go. I got Mike to go with me to check out what was there and figure out how to get there. I brought with me a list of two books that I wanted to look at while there. I wanted to find the marriage record of Willard and Susan Bascom in Ohio county, Indiana. They are grandma's father's parents. I found the book, but I didn't find them in it. Maybe they were married in another county. More searching for me.

I also looked at a book of Lycoming county cemeteries. I found Edward Charles and Catherine Eiswerth, Lewis and Mary Eiswerth and Michael and Mary Dincher all listed at the Immaculate Conception cemetery in Bastress, Pennsylvania. I'm sure I could have asked Opa for this information, but it was neat to find it in a book.

We also looked at a random roll of microfilm just to see how it worked. It is amazing how they took pictures of so many different documents. But I much prefer to look at the images on my computer. Too bad that everything isn't scanned and available online yet. Someday maybe.

I can't wait to go back to the library and do some more research. But I really do need to get myself organized and find out what I want to look at and plan my visit before I go next.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what you have already dug up. I find it hard to believe that your Fort Wayne library is also a source for info in PA. One of the guys at work said he spent an entire vacation week at the Salt Lake City Library doing research on his family tree. he was impressed at the depth of the data there too.
I hope your aunts and uncles take time to check this out. They will find it as interesting as I do.